Episode 50 – 2015 goals (shownotes)

Spinning:  I finished 2.3 oz of black rainbow rolags from Yarn Geek Fibers.  It is a 160 yd 2-ply skein…approximately sport weight.


  1. handspun Age of Brass & Steam shawl
  2. Wintersweet by Boo Knits
  3. Caesious by Hunter Hammerson.  This is from the new book Curls.
  4. Zombody likes Fruitcake socks
  5. Merry Merry socks

New Stash & Gifts:

  1. Desert Vista Dyeworks sock yarn…I’ve almost collected all of the zombie skeins!
  2. The Cyborg’s Craft Room yarn: Snowday and Wildflower both on the Associkilate base
  3. Hobbledehoy battlings in Galactus
  4. Curls by Hunter Hammerson
  5. The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook
  6. Magpies, Homebodies & Nomads by Cirilia Rose

2014 Goals in Review:

  1. Knit more socks than in 2013.  (I knit 12 pairs in 2013, and 11 in 2014)
  2. Knit more sweaters than in 2013.  (I knit 1 in 2013 and 1 in 2014).
  3. Spin more on spindle.  (I spun more than in 2013…but only because I had just purchased the spindle at the very end of 2013).
  4. Purchase a wheel.  (Purchased a Kromski Sonata on 2/15/2014)
  5. Stay consistently at 5 WIPs or less.
  6. Complete 1 quilt.
  7. Complete 1 cross-stitch.
  8. Knit over 5000 yds.  (I knit 32 projects totalling 10,372 yds)

2015 Goals:

  1. Finish at least 1 pair of socks per month.  Motivation for this is the DVD unofficial knitalong in the DVD Ravelry group.
  2. Spin 2 lbs.
  3. Knit 15,000 yds.
  4. Knit 2 sweaters.
  5. Stash Down:
    1. no yarn purchases until DFW
    2. Incoming yardage can only equal 1/2 of what is outgoing
  6. Create new products for the Suburban Stitcher shop.

3 thoughts on “Episode 50 – 2015 goals (shownotes)

  1. Great podcast Dianne. Thanks for all you do. Your reflections on 2014 were awesome and so wonderfully written. The shawl and hat you were wearing are so heaufult as well. Happy New Year to you and your family.


  2. Good episode. When you started talking about how you make lists, and have goals etc, I thought we must surely be related along the way. It was amazing how similar some of your 2015 goals are to mine.

  3. Just found your podcast and I really am enjoying it! Loved hearing about the 2015 goals – it gave me some ideas for my own goal setting! 🙂 Could you please share what the pattern is for the shawl you are wearing? It is really, really pretty! Glad I found you! Sue

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