Episode 5 – TEALtember begins


  1. Lacy Ribs socks by Wendy Johnson.  Yarn is Vice Yarns Paradigm in the H-Town Summer colorway.
  2. Brickless by Martina Behm.  Yarn is Miss Babs Yowza in the Zombie Prom colorway.
  3. Ribbed sock.  Yarn is KirbyWirby Kaleidostripe in the Country Boy colorway.
  4. Lawsonia (for TEALtember).  Yarn is Unwind Yarn Company in the TEALtember colorway.

Yarn Giveaway winner announced!!!!!  Vintage Rose/Vanessa wins the Ella Rae yarn.

New Stash:  KirbyWirby Self-Striping sock yarn in the MCN base.  Colorway is I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost.

I discussed the END of my obligation knitting…no more contests or obligations for me!!!  TOO STRESSFUL 😦


  1. Finished Second Honeymoon by James Patterson.  Great book…very suspenseful.
  2. I’m currently reading Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson…very intriguing.
  3. Up next in my audiobooks…Inferno by Dan Brown.


  1. I’m all caught up on True Blood.
  2. The Newsroom…almost caught up and VERY smart.
  3. Big Love.  interesting indeed.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 5 – TEALtember begins

  1. Hi. Just found your blog. Watched your first podcast. Loved it. I have questions…I’m a stitcher not a knitter but I want to learn how to knit. How did you learn? Self taught? I don’t know anyone personally that knits just though blogs so I’d be on my own. How long have you been knitting? What was your first project? I’ll go back through your blog and maybe I’ll find the answers. My hubby says I have enough with my stitching but still….I really would like to learn. Well I’m off to watch more of your podcast…thanks so much for sharing. You are very inspiring.

    • Thanks for your comment! I mostly learned from youtube and knitting books…and watching a few co-workers who knit here and there. My first few projects were with very cheap acrylic yarn and I made scarves. They’re horrible, and ugly, but i’ll never get rid of them. Each project you get better and better…so start now!

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